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odoo documentation discussion


There is a discussion on the odoo community mailing list hosted by odoo
about the future of documentation.  I have written a blog post on the
sources of documentation that I know about on the web.  Maybe there are
others that you know about, if so please contact me.


Here is the list from my blog:

   - Official OpenERP ebooks <https://www.odoo.com/ebooks>
   - Official OpenERP v7 docs <https://doc.odoo.com/contents/#contents-link>
   - Official odoo v8 docs
   with github source code)
   - Official future odoo v8 docs
   <https://github.com/odoo-dev/odoo/tree/8.0-newnewdoc-xmo/doc> (Developer
   tutorial/reference/api & Designer tutorial)
   - Official odoo how-to docs <https://www.odoo.com/forum/how-to> (Community
   written, odoo approved)
   - Odoo’s new v8 API guidelines
   <https://github.com/nbessi/odoo_new_api_guideline> (From OpenDays 2014)
   - OpenERP v7 docs <http://openerp.co.za/7/> (Written by odoo silver
   partner – erpweb)
   - OpenERP v8 book <http://openerpbook.com/index.html> (Community written)