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Re: odoo with a daily 50000 orders volume


Hi Lin Yu,

we have dealed with several thousand daily orders already in a big logistic and retail installation for verscion 6.0 (including custom e-commerce and SAP R/3 integrations, and ten of thousand products).

    Odoo/OpenERP will work but you will need:

a) clustering;

b) to do changes in the ORM of the Odoo system or, directly, to jump over it to query directly to PostgreSQL, or, probably both; and, finally,

c) a kind of middleware that deals correctly with the communications between the third party systems (Magento et al.) and the OpenERP.

For the third point we developed a highly optimized on performance middleware for OpenERP that helps taking care of a big part of the workload and, so, demanding from OpenERP as less as possible.

But the middleware is not enough, so I have to prevent you that you will need an on demand solution for the concrete installation of your customer. The most complex thing is dealing correctly with the huge concurrency you will have in your optimized system.

In versions 6.1 and 7.0 you will need less optimizations in the Odoo core, but still some and they will still depend on your customization (specially in warehouse -stocks calculation, sequence generation, other locking objects,...-, sales orders and XML-RPC communications).

After all the optimizations to the Odoo core are done, your next escalation limit, if you provide enough nodes in your cluster, will be PostgreSQL, not OpenERP anymore. So your question should be if PostgreSQL can deal with the volumes you need (and it should but possibly will need also performance customizations).

If you need I can forward you some videos showing our solution (middleware and OpenERP) working in real time.

Best regards,
Alberto Barrionuevo, Director
Odoo/OpenERP Partners
T (+34) 918 38 38 58
F (+34) 944 34 00 77

     Open IT for Open Minds

On 25/08/14 03:21, lin.yu wrote:
Hello Community,

We have a potential lead which has a volume of daily 20000 sale orders
and 50000 sale order lines from Magento, which will probably result in a
daily 100000 or 200000 stock moves, 3000000 stock moves per month.

I would like to ask that has anyone experience on Odoo/OpenERP with that
daily volume? How about the performance after one month?

I would like also to ask if you have any module on

* archive stock move , sales order, and other objects

* sales forecasting


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