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Odoo 8.0 - Quick and dirty POC module to print barcode labels for products



In case someone needs to print product barcodes in Odoo 8.0, I am attaching
a simple module that creates a wizard under "Warehouse/Product" to select
products and prints the barcode labels.

This is intended for barcode label printers using rolls of labels.
Sample is configured to print three columns of labels, one row per page.
It includes a  Code128 barcode generator library, as pyBarcode one is
totally buggy...

>From our testings, we found that it was better to adjust page and table row
size to the actual size of the roll row, instead of inserting page breaks
for whtmltopdf...

It should be easily adapted to a more generic solution, like the one
provided by Serpent CS for version 7.0.

Feel free to adapt it to your needs, just share your improvements....  ;-)


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