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Re: odoo with a daily 50000 orders volume


2014-10-08 2:35 GMT-04:30 Frédéric Clementi <

> Even with these tunings Odoo has no chance to handle such a volume of
> data. We are already struggling at 3000 SO/day.

What is the size of your hardware?

I had this problem present with v6.1 but v7.0 with a correct deployment can
manage such quantity of data (not easy) but it can.

And what is the architecture of the apps:

Do you have synchronization with external tools with xmlrpc?
Bandwidth of the server?

I think such kind of volume of data needs more than a simple configuration
of hardware, and teh last customer I had with such size of data had a
Huuuuuge hardware behind (in v6 even) it is can manage everything smothly
with some important tunning on some models, like account.move, CoA
computation, stock.picking management and so on....

It means "by default" it is difficult, but with the correct tunning you can
if you share with us some better sizing you deployed it can be more clear
in what context Odoo is not working everybody will be thankful for that,
only "Number of orders " doesn't say too much by itself dude.

Saludos Cordiales

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