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Re: Maintainers needed for aeroo reports in OCA


On 17/01/2015 14:12, Mario Arias wrote:
> Aeroo is a great tool, and Alistek has been working hard in making it
> work for V8, as  S. A.  broke many basic connection points at the core
> with the API changes....
> So Aeroo is alive and Kaspar has been really taking care of feedback
> from other community members. Please give them a chance and do not
> close OCA to modules using it....
> Regards,
> Mario

Hello Mario,

The question is not whether aeroo reports is alive or not. It's whether
OCA wants to maintain modules with dependencies outside OCA + Official
Addons or not. So far, the answer has been "no". We tried to discuss
including aeroo reports in the core and we were answered that Alistek
don't whish this. My proposal is therefore to remove the "offending"
reports from the OCA addons. Since there are only a handful of such
addons, all in OCA/hr, and I so far have not met much resistance by
actual users of these modules asking for OCA to keep them, I tend to
think that there is not much harm done in their removal.

There are 2 other solutions I can think of:

1.  for Aeroo reports, and maintain that fork inside OCA
2. change the policy

Option 1 sounds like a waste of ressources to me, and option 2 sounds
like an open door to many abuse in the future.

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