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Re: Guide lines


> 9) we still lack straightforward navigation from sale order to related
> pickings and invoices (Please read that thread:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/openerp-expert-framework@.../msg00064.html):
> currently you can see most of the picking/invoice
> information in tabs of the sale order (order line history tabs). But those
>  links require clicks, don't offer an overview and most importantly don't
> enable jumping to the invoice or picking in simple click. Adding links on
> the right side menu of the sale order is good, but in a way they are
> redundant with the info in those history tabs, no? What would be a more
> unified presentation? Also, as default right side menus, we may want to
> display all those from related objects present in the current view, so that
> would include them; not sure...

my 2c: the "duplicate" information in forms (notebook tabs ) and as action
* having the information in a notebook tab gives the possibility to navigate 
back and forth in the sales order - displaying the associated information
* having the action window gives the possibility to "work" on the information 
which is not possible in o2m widgets.

IMHO we need both
A good example is an account - opening period sums and / or move lines in a 
separate tab is not very user friendly, please have a look 
or login in my demo 
and enter this URL and visit account 701000

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