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Re: [Openerp-expert-framework] OpenERP v6 Web Interface


Le 12/07/10 20:37, Carlos Liébana a écrit :
> I didn’t notice that there were a specific useability group
> https://launchpad.net/~openerp-expert-ergonomy , maybe this fits
> better there, sorry for that.

Yes, ideally usability should be discussed on this group's mailing-list.

BTW thanks for your review, both Aline and the web team have read it and will take it into consideration, just like Ferdinand's numerous suggestions :-)

Le 12/07/10 13:27, Carlos Liébana a écrit :

I made a first quick review of the new web-client interface of OpenERP
v6, you can find more details in this forum post
http://www.openobject.com/forum/post58607.html . Of course and first of
all, congratulations because in overall I think it’s a really great step
forward. But I think that some features could be improved or at least
discussed before the launch, so maybe it’s the right time to do it. I’m
also curious to know about your opinion because I’ve not read a lot from
the community (and also from OpenERP SA itself) about this new interface
and layout.

Best regards.

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