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Re: Usability - Reporting / Analyse


On Mittwoch 01 September 2010 16:51:38 Aline Preillon wrote:

> you are right, last 365 days, 30 days and 7 days are maybe useless. but
> with more buttons (3), perhaps there will be too many items in the
> search view. And the view will look too busy.
IMHO better busy than useless ;-)
(and the "group" criteria is already busy as you call it.)

> To compare different periods, the managers can use group by Day, Month,
> Year. We will check if these buttons group data by appropriate kind of
> date (creation, expected, ...). If you have suggestions for some
> reports, feel free to tell us.
the selection criteria must be clear - and be well explained in the tool tip
Example Sales Analysis
30 days : Task performed in the last 30 days 
* what is a task? Change of state field ? Any modification ? Order Entry?
* which date is used as selection criteria - as you said above creation, 
modification, expected ....)
Without looking into the code nobody can really tell. The best systems are 
self explaining.

> About filter Buttons, we propose Year, Month and Month -1 and in
> accounting, we will use Period instead of Month.
missing "Year -1"

I am probably a bit a "accounting minded". Most reporting I know is "Period" 
related - because data from the different reporting areas must match.
like HR time sheets, stock accounting, accounting, project management .. and 
so on.
Using periods as general reporting unit 
* allows indexed search of period_id(s) in the database. a performance issue.
* eases company organisation and avoids need for explanation of differences 
due to different search criteria. ( very ugly task ) 

Example Attendances Date is a Datetime field
GTK Client select  August data
the widget copies
08/01/2010 00:00:00 into from
08/31/2010 00:00:00 into to
result no data for Aug 31.

Web Client ( I just did it so this is the current time)
08/01/2010 17:58:41 into from
08/31/2010 17:58:48 into to
result partly missing data from August 1st and Aug 31

obviously the user can enter the correct time - but I doubt that this can be 
called user friendly. 
At least both clients should copy  time 00:00:00 in from and 23:59:59 into to
whilst the later will not work  reliable as it will not fetch data with 
00:00:00 and 23:59:59 
some sort of help would be additional  filter criteria 
* greater equal than
* less equal than
sorry for being long on this, but I spent already hours searching ....

and do not forget organisations having 13 periods (each 4 weeks) .
monthly reports are useless for them.

One Example of many:
Incoming Sales order per Email August 30.th 15:00, 
The salesperson is out of office and reads it on September 1st and enters it 
into the system.
OpenERP must support to enter it  as of  August 30th and report it as Incoming 
Order of August.

I do not know is this works technically for  search views, but would be the 
best I can think of.

I suggest to create user-groups making special buttons only visible for 
certain groups
* "show weekly buttons" (this week, last week) - useful for production 
* "show quarterly buttons" (this quarter, last quarter) 
* "show half year  buttons" (this quarter, last quarter) 
* "show last year button"

> For any other kind of filter, the manager can use different filter
> options. Search views in report give a lot of possibilities.

I agree completely but OpenERP should provide prefabricated filters or buttons 
for common needs.
I do not see neither users nor managers defining general working filters for 
"last week" or last year as it needs very good database and python knowledge. 

> I hope this solution will be useful. Feel free to tell us if you think
> it won't. But the goal is also to avoid cluttering the view and keep
> consistency between the different views.
thanks for your help

Best Regards

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Dr. Ferdinand Gassauer
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