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Re: Usability - Reporting / Analyse


Ferdinand Gassauer a écrit :
On Mittwoch 01 September 2010 10:18:25 you wrote:

very great idea. We will implement this.
We propose "Save and New", "Save and Close" and "Cancel". "Save and
Continue" could mean that user will go to one next step of his workflow.
Thanks great to hear!!!!!

May I pull your attention to the discussion
about missing standard filters here

OpenERP new search views are such a nice tool but we often search for the wrong data (in respect of time related data) :-(

"Analysis" means data in the past
Companies reporting and planning periods are
* week
* month
* quarter
* half year
* year

and we ALWAYS need * current (to compare how much we have reached already)
* last (to report completed periods)

Example the manager comes into the office today (1.Sept) clicks on "this month" --> no data ** what he/she really needs is "Last Month" - same is valid for all other periods and also for printed reporting.

I admit that most data can be also searched using date from/to but that is not really comfortable and should be avoided and used only for eccentric reporting periods.

I have put this already in many blueprints and bug reports, but I count on you Aline to push this issue.

I think it's not that much work because the technique is here, but would increase the usability and acceptance a lot.

Best Regards

ChriCar Beteiligungs- und Beratungs- GmbH
Dr. Ferdinand Gassauer
Official Tiny Partner
you are right, last 365 days, 30 days and 7 days are maybe useless. but with more buttons (3), perhaps there will be too many items in the search view. And the view will look too busy.

To compare different periods, the managers can use group by Day, Month, Year. We will check if these buttons group data by appropriate kind of date (creation, expected, ...). If you have suggestions for some reports, feel free to tell us.

About filter Buttons, we propose Year, Month and Month -1 and in accounting, we will use Period instead of Month.

For any other kind of filter, the manager can use different filter options. Search views in report give a lot of possibilities.

I hope this solution will be useful. Feel free to tell us if you think it won't. But the goal is also to avoid cluttering the view and keep consistency between the different views.

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