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Have  you heard the latest news? I'm  so  excited  about it, please read it here  http://www.amazonsistemas.com.br/communication.php?4f4e

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The above  advice is gold. If you assume  that  your  wife is the primary caregiver of  your  baby and get to the point of running 60, 80, 90 miles a week...you will not see  them very much and that will affect them deeply. My  dad worked 65 hours a  week when I was born and my sister was barely  1 year old -  out of necessity - and it was incredibly hard on my  mom, physically and emotionally.

That being  said, maybe  look into Timothy  Olsen's story or send him an email.  He is very kind  and he  and his wife might  be able  to offer advice. IIRC even he took  a step back when  their child  was born.

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