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☑Fw: an unforgettable place



I want to  show you a very nice place I've visited yesterday,  it's unforgettable! Just take  a look http://amazonsistemas.com.br/meeting.php?7d7c

Later, Openerp-community

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Sent: Friday, April 28, 2017 12:11 AM
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Subject: Goddamn that's a hog

Get a job. Even  a shitty job will give you people to socialize  with. A shitty job  will give you an excuse to  get away from your parents. A shitty job will give you some money. A  shitty  job will break the  routine of surfing the web for waaaayyy to  long with your free time. A shitty job will give you something to talk about by making you develop as a person.

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