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Re: making ppb meetings better (?)


On 09/09/2011 11:05 AM, John Dickinson wrote:
> I have found the PPB meetings to be very disjointed and hard to
> follow. A classic example is from our last meeting where 3 votes were
> proposed and only 2 were voted on. At times we have several
> conversations going on at once. Sometimes we vote, someone continues
> the discussion, and then we revote. It's possible that people
> offering support for an idea (with a +1) may be counted in a vote,
> even if that person is not on the PPB. These sorts of things tend to
> push the PPB meetings toward chaos.

I fully agree with this.

> 1) What if during the PPB meetings only those people on the PPB were
> voiced and could speak? I absolutely do not want to discourage
> valuable input from people not on the PPB, so I think this would
> require meaningful time allowed for "public commentary" where anyone
> and everyone can speak. One implementation would be to mute all
> non-PPB members in the channel during a vote. Another implementation
> would be to have designated non-PPB time about each topic, perhaps
> after initial PPB member discussion. I think a more moderated
> discussion could perhaps make better use of our limited meeting time
> and help everyone be more clear on what is being discussed and voted
> on.

This is not a terrible idea.

Also - I almost started hacking on something the other day and then
realized that I have 50 bazillion more important things to do, BUT:

The meetbot used in #ubuntu-meeting has a voting feature. Similar to the
#topic command we use with our meetbot, it has a #vote command. So like:

#vote Should we all only drink Dr. Pepper?

And then it counts the +1's and such given by participants.

So I was going to port that idea in to our meetbot.

Additionally (and this would help support your voice/non-voice idea) I
was thinking that if we gave an additional argument to #startmeeting (in
my brain, the launchpad team, since we already have those set up) we
could have the meetbot grab a list of people it allows to vote, etc.
from the team given - and even add a couple of toggle commands #public
#private which could toggle voices only to team members or to everyone.

So, I think that's 2.5 feature requests for meetbot. On the plus side,
the code is in python. Anybody wanna do a little hacking?

> 2) Can we have an official summary of the meetings published after
> each of the meetings? The notes that the meetbot provides are sparse
> (at best) and the raw IRC logs are voluminous and hard to read.



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