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Re: Meeting reminder


On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 8:05 PM, Jonathan Bryce <jbryce@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is just a reminder that we agreed last week to meet again this week
> to review progress on Quantum incubation and the questions that were posed.
> It sounds like there's definitely been progress on the Quantum+Melange and
> the nova-network plan. Dan, feel free to send along any information that
> you'd like.
> Jonathan.

Thanks Jonathan,

Below is a draft plan based on initial discussions with Vish about Nova and
Troy about Melange.  We still need to refine it prior to discussions at the
Folsom summit, but hopefully it is sufficient to give you all a good sense
of the plan.  Happy to discuss via email or at the meeting tomorrow.


The following is a plan for OpenStack networking if Quantum is approved as
a core project for the Folsom release.

*Executive Summary: *

Future of nova-network + Quantum:
- Goal would be for Quantum to be the "default" way of doing networking
with Nova for the Folsom release.
- Motivation is that shooting for "default" status is important to getting
getting a large variety of people beating on Quantum, flushing out issues.
- Existing nova-network managers would be "frozen" from a new feature
perspective, but would NOT be removed or deprecated in Folsom, to assure
that stability is not compromised

Future of Melange + Quantum:
- Existing Melange IPAM capabilities would be folded into Quantum project
and thus would be "core" for Folsom.  A Quantum v2.0 API developed during
Folsom would expose existing Melange functionality.
- Motivation is that OpenStack should have a small set of tenant APIs
(e.g., compute, network, storage), and that tenant actions to create
network connectivity very frequently coincide with those to acquire

Both shifts will the subject of several design sessions at the Folsom

*Future of nova-network + Quantum: *

Goal is that for Folsom, we work to make sure that Quantum + Melange
provide full-fledged implementations for the following capabilities
completely independent of Nova:

- basic L2 networks

- L3 gateway, SNAT, DNAT

- security groups

- provider firewall.

- VPN - moving toward model where this is a custom instance.  No specific
work expected.

- IPAM: fixed addresses

- IPAM: floating address


- DNS + DNS floating IPs (wikimedia patch):  Unclear what will happen to
this.  Perhaps an external service using notifications from Melange?
The existing nova-network manages will remain supported for Folsom, but no
feature work will be done on them (only bug fix work).

We also plan on moving Quantum away from the existing network manager
model, enabling nova-compute to call Quantum directly, which will simplify
things and improve performance.

*Future of Melange + Quantum:*

Melange would become part of the Quantum project, and existing + future
Melange functionality would be exposed as part of a new rev (v2.0) of the
Quantum API.  The plan would be to create a single "openstack network API",
which would be on par with a corresponding openstack compute + storage

The new Quantum API would represent IPAM data as attributes of existing
Quantum networks + ports (e.g., networks would have information about
associated IPv4 and IPv6 subnets, ports would have information about
particular IP allocations).  The IPAM implementation will remain decoupled
from the existing L2 plugin mechanism in Quantum, the but tenant will be
presented with a cohesive API.

The former melange component of Quantum would expand to manage floating
IPs, though the NAT forwarding for those floating IPs would be performed by
a new L3 Quantum API.

On the nova-side, there would no longer be a need for separate calls to
Quantum + Melange.  The Nova + Quantum integration would no longer support
the use of the legacy "Nova DB IPAM"

Dan Wendlandt
Nicira Networks: www.nicira.com
twitter: danwendlandt