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Re: Design Summit attendance/registration


Ewan Mellor wrote:
> Following on from the IRC discussion today: I agree with Josh that an events committee is a good idea.  That way, we can discuss registration rules broadly, because obviously a lot of people want to have input.
> This is particularly true if Thierry doesn't actually want to organize registration.  I expect that he's got enough on his plate getting Essex out the door in good shape, so we should give this (frankly thankless) task to other people, and save Thierry the heartache.

That's how it happened last time. This time around, the idea was to
split the load between PTLs: invite known contributors and give the PTLs
loads of invites so that they can ultimately get the people they want in
the room.

> Let's get ~5 people to put together a committee, and they can get this aired and resolved.

FWIW, the design summit organization committee already exists: it's
formed (like it was in all previous editions) by the upcoming elected
PTLs + the release manager. The idea is that the summit is held for the
PTLs -- they decide how they want to run it to be most effective. The
plan was to have (like in all previous editions) this new group discuss
the format, number of tracks, etc. for the summit.

Unfortunately, there are some decisions about the summit that need to be
taken *before* we know the names of the next PTLs, like registration
rules, number of rooms etc. And for those, like in previous editions,
the RAX events team (who organizes the event) made some decisions...

There is definitely room for improvement here, and I'm very open to
suggestions -- though most of this should get overhauled anyway once the
foundation is set up.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack