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Update on the Design Summit - March 19


hello folks,

a brief update on the Design Summit. The good news is that all the
people that have asked us until today, will get an invite to the summit.
Now the details.

We had originally planned to get 350 people at the Summit and we booked
capacity in the hotel accordingly. We have booked 4 medium size rooms
for summit blueprints tracks, one small room for breakout, one large
room for unconference track, one ballroom for plenary session.

Due to the incredible popularity of the summit, we had to raise the
original capacity while at the same time try hard not disrupt the work
of PTLs to define Folsom roadmap. They need rooms with few knowledgeable
people in and make decisions there.

To avoid having the rooms for discussing blueprints super-filled and
facilitate productive discussions, we are rearranging the usage of the
rooms we booked and adding a new track, OpenStack Ecosystem. This is to
provide interesting topics for all the people that will not have a
specific interest in discussing otherwise boring blueprints. Lloyd
Dewolkf and Anne Gentle have volunteered to coordinate the agenda for
this track and recruit speakers. They have the delicate job of making
the track interesting without cannibalizing topics from the conference.
Lloyd Dewolf is also coordinating the Unconference, since we hope that
track will also provide solid content for all new members of OpenStack
developers' community. We hope to have plenty of content for all
participants and have productive meetings.

The not so good news is that we don't have any space left to maneuver
further: the extra capacity we added is already filled.

I would like to remind all that this is a reason to be proud of: Folsom
summit is the most popular we had so far. We broke the record of
participants already and in San Francisco we will welcome a lot of new
companies and people in this large community. Go on and submit your
proposal for the Ecosystem track on http://summit.openstack.org/

If you have questions let me know.