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[Bug 983734] Re: Keystone fails badly if you miss one option


Test values are not default values and vice versa. With such fix
(default value relative to '.'), Keystone will fail anyway if it is
started not from root. And the message will be almost as misguiding as

You can separate options values to 4 categories:
- test values;
- global default values;
- platform default values;
- user defined values.

So it's up to tester to remember to specify value in test config, up to
developer to specify default values (or omit them if there should not be
one), up to packager to provide platform defaults in packaged config and
up to user to specify values that are left for him.

Let's take template_file. The rightful test value is
'./etc/default_catalog.template'. But if both packager and user forgot
to provide some value, it would be better for them to be told "This
option is not defined" than "I cannot open file at some strange path".

Developer (if he is not the same person as tester) should not care about
where test data is placed. And tester should explicitly specify all test
options' values in one place to make sure there is no hidden magic in

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  Keystone fails badly if you miss one option

Status in OpenStack Identity (Keystone):
Status in openstack-common:

Bug description:
  If you misspell or forget one option in keystone.conf (like
  template_file  for TemplatedCatalog backend), Keystone will fail with
  misguiding critical failure (in my case, "TypeError: coercing to
  Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found").

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