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openstack issues from Japan



I'm Masanori Itoh of NTT DATA, Japan.

I would like to share some issues on openstack from Japanese
enterprise system market.

I know that the requirements below do not fit for the austin release
scheduled in this Octorber, but I believe that still it's useful
sharing them with folks here.

Issue 1. Live Migration support (strong)

  From a view point of operating private clouds which host enterprise
  systems, Live Migration is almost mandatory.

  Now, we are doing feasibility study to explore if we can do and
  contribute that.
Issue 2. RPM packages (medium)

  In Japanese business market, RPM based distributions such as RHEL are
  dominant.  So, we would like to have RPM packages too in addition to
  deb packages.
  As for the initial target distribution, Fedora 13 would be appropriate
  I think, and I guess that it's possible we contribute somehow from
  this point too.

Issue 3. Feature list of the austin release

  My boss asked me if there is a detailed list of features 
  covered by the austin release.
  For example, the list is preferable to have coverage list of
  the Amazon API and Rackspace API which Nova supports.

  Is there that kind of list?
   # I'm afraid no... :(

BTW, cloud anyone tell me what I should do next?

- Opening blueprint pages?

- Joining the next release IRC?
  - Please understand that the weekly release meeting is 5:00AM of Saturday
    in Japan unfortunatelly ... :(

Thanks in advance,

Masanori ITOH  R&D Headquarters, NTT DATA CORPORATION
               e-mail: itoumsn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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