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OpenStack Release Meeting Today


Howdy Stackers!

The weekly release meeting is today at 16:00 CDT in #openstack-meeting
on IRC.  Use this link to find your local time.

I am traveling today and Jay Pipes will be leading the meeting in my

The Agenda is here:  [http://wiki.openstack.org/Meetings]

A few important notes

==Architecture Board==
We are looking for nominations for the Architecture board.

To nominate yourself or others send an email to jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
by September 30th.

Also feel free to leave me (dendrobates) a pm on IRC if you want to
remain anonymous.  I'll make sure your nominations get passed along.

==python version dependancy==

It has been suggested that we not require python 2.6, so as not to
inhibit deployment.  The main contention seems to be Redhat's and
Debian's current releases not supporting it.

After looking into it, it seems that python 2.6 is support by EPEL
[http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL].  It seems to be standard practice
for RHEL shops to use these packages, which are required for many new
software packages.

My feeling is that we should not stick with 2.5 just because Debian does
not support it yet.

==Bexar Summit==
Everyone needs to be thinking about features for the next two releases.
 We will need blueprints created before the summit so we can schedule
the discussions.



Please merge your branches ASAP.

Starting Oct 1 a bug will need to be created to upload to the Austin
branch.  New feature work will continue in trunk for things that do not
make it into Austin.


Rick Clark

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