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Feature Freeze now in effect


Hey, guys.

Sep 30th is very much in the past now, which means Feature Freeze is now
in effect.[1]

What this means is that starting right now, we're in a part of the
release schedule where only bugfixes are allowed to land on trunk.
You're of course free to put up new branches with fancy, new features,
but to allow us to stay focused, I'd like to ask you not to file merge
proposals for them until after Austin is released and we ge back into
Wild West mode.

http://wiki.openstack.org/FeatureFreeze has more details.

The really short version is this: Unless there's a compelling reason not
to, you're supposed to be working on polishing and streamlining
OpenStack as it exists right now.


 * First, kick the tires on it like never before, and file bugs about
everything you find, be it small bugs, big bugs, misfeatures, or missing
features. Anything. It's better to have problems be known and understood
than ignored.
 * Second, help prioritise bugs. We haven't yet come up with good
definitions of what constitutes a critical, high, etc. bug, so just use
your best judgment for now. We only have a couple of weeks before
release, so we need to make sure we spend our time wisely.
 * Third, help write documentation. Our software can be as cool as it
wants, but if our docs aren't any good, people won't be able to use it
 * Last, but certainly not least, fix as many bugs as you can.

Let's make the first OpenStack release awesome!

[1]:  Please accept my apologies for not sending this out earlier.
Internet access was uselessly spotty at Open World Forum which I've been
attending for the past two days.

Soren Hansen
OpenStack core developer