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i18n proposed plan


Hi all,

Here is my proposed solution for getting Nova i18n'd.  Normally, I'd
"just do it", but in this particular case, the code I'll commit will
affect virtually all source pages, so it needs to be handled properly
to avoid wasting developers time resolving merge conflicts from this
large patch. Remember the SQLAlchemy merge?  Yeah, kinda like that.

OK, so I believe it will take me ~4 hours to make the code changes in
Nova for i18n. Basically, it's a lot of simple changes, but tedious.
Once I get this done, I'll post to the ML that I am ready to go.  At
that point, it would helpful to have gotten as many of the outstanding
merge proposals reviewed and merged. Once this happens, I will pull
from trunk one final time and resolve any conflicts locally.  I'll
propose for merging into trunk and hopefully the merge will go
smoothly and quickly.

Once the code changes are in trunk, I'll work with Monty to automate
the message build and upload to Launchpad translations process.  This
work can be done at any time after the code is merged and doesn't have
as much time pressure or urgency.

Is this plan OK with everyone?  Can we try and get as much of the
merge proposals here reviewed?
https://code.launchpad.net/nova/+activereviews.  The more reviews and
merges are done, this less pain the i18n patch will be.