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Suspend and locking instances


Regarding https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/xs-suspend

We need suspend as a power state (ram goes to disk, instance is shut down)
as well as a locking suspend (ram goes to disk, instance is shut down,
instance is no longer customer bootable) which make sense from a billing
point of view. The issue is where this lock is going to be. For example, in
Xenserver we can set whether an instance is bootable, but I'm unsure if this
feature is supported in other hypervisors. Even if it were supported across
the hypervisor board this would be a specific case of lock (locking the
instance in a shutdown/suspend type state). Instead, I propose a state lock.
When an instance is state locked, no functions which enact a change in state
may be executed. State lock would be above the hypervisor level and require
storage in a table. Being above the hypervisor level gives us the advantage
of not having to implement boot lock functionality in each hypervisor api
and we get a more general lock feature which can be used in more situations.
I don't like the idea of all the compute worker functions having to check
for state lock status because it's ugly as well as code duplication, but I'm
not sure of a better way at the moment.

I'm looking for suggestions/comments on the general state lock idea vs
hypervisor boot lock vs implementing instance locking at all within nova, as
well as ideas for a clean implementation of a state lock if the idea is


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