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Adding a new TeamSubscriptionPolicy to Launchpad


I am working on bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/700724 and I would
like some input from two large communities that use Launchpad. My
apologies for this cross post. I know conversations can be difficult, so
I ask that interested people join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users
and subscribe for a short time to discuss a feature that may be useful.

Proposition: Allow open teams to control how members join.

Ubuntu loco teams where upset by the change to ensure team membership is
not compromised. Many OPEN teams are now Moderated and the work of
membership is disruptive. Providing the teams with an API script to
automatically approve members undermines the need manage membership of
that control secured assets.

The underling issue is that ~locoteams does not own any assets that need
be secure. It is MODERATED because it needs to manage *how* users become
members. ~locoteams delegates user membership to its member teams, and
only manages the direct members. The team *IS* open to anyone, but
who is a direct member using the propose-member feature of moderated

There are two kinds of closed teams: RESTRICTED and MODERATED. Their
concern is control. They limit membership because they control secured

There could be two kinds of open teams: OPEN and DELEGATED. (Maybe
OPEN to PERMISSIVE). They encourage membership to build communities. The
DELEGATED team reviews who is a direct member to manage the community
hierarchy. OPEN has no structure.

I do not believe this issue is about adding an exception for ~locoteams
changing security to an ad hoc team declaration. We can validation the
community need by asking if other large communities need a DELEGATED
to organise their hierarchy.

__Curtis C. Hovey_________

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