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GammaFreeze at EOD today: get all those bugfix branches in !


Hello everyone,

As a reminder, at the end of today (23:59 PST) we will enter GammaFreeze.

Let's try to merge as many bugfixes as we can by then !

After this point, the idea is to stop fixing random bugs and just merge
highly-reviewed, heavily-tested, low-regression-risk, release-critical
("RC") bugfixes. It might sound counter-intuitive to stop fixing bugs.
But by reducing the number of merges to the bare minimum we can:

 * concentrate our resources and review efforts on the RC stuff
 * avoid introducing last-minute regressions
 * spend cycles on pure testing to catch overlooked RC issues

Feel free to ping me on IRC if you have any questions.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack