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Bexar GammaFreeze now in effect


Hello everyone,

A few hours late (we just squeezed in the branches we could), now
GammaFreeze is in effect. From now on, extra care is needed before
merging branches:

* Only release-critical issues should be fixed
* Merge proposals should explain why we can't release with this bug, and
why it is very unlikely to trigger any regression
* Extensive testing should be performed by the proposer

The bugfix gain will be compared with the estimated risk of regression
and a GammaFreezeException (GFE) granted or denied.

Starting now, -core members should not approve any branch for
merging unless they get this specific GFE approval.

Non-RC known bugs (or denied merge proposals) will remain unfixed and
can be documented in:

You can find the lists of RC issues at:

Ping me or a driver of the corresponding product to get a bug you found
added to the lists, prefixing the bug title in Launchpad with "[RC]"
also works.

Reducing the number of merges should allow us to concentrate our
resources on RC bugs and on looking for overlooked critical issues,
while avoiding to introduce last-minute regressions.

The next step is RCFreeze (EOD Tuesday, next week), where we completely
stop merging unless some very unusual situation require us to do otherwise.

Thanks everyone !

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack