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Cactus Release Preparation


Howdy Openstack,

First of all, I apologize for the double post.  Please respond on the
openstack mailing list and not directly to me. Also, most of this
applies specifically to nova.  Swift is a much more mature project, and
has already accomplished much of what is discussed in the email.

As most of you know we are nearing the major milestone of our second
release, Bexar.  This is a major accomplishment and I want to thank
everyone who participated in any way.  Now it is time to start to turn
our focus to the upcoming Cactus release cycle.

In Bexar was a feature release.  We pushed lots of new features.  The
focus of Nova development in Cactus is going to be testing and
stabilization.  This does not mean that we will not be adding new
features.  In cactus, I expect  that many of the features that just
missed arriving in the Bexar release will land, such as Live Migration.
 I also expect us to achieve feature parity with the Rackspace Cloud
servers API.  What we really mean by a stabilization and testing focus
is that we will have a large portion of our developers focused on
testing.  We will also avoid major disruptive changes that could
compromise our stability efforts.
That means:
 * We will be much tougher in approving blueprints.  Many will be
deferred or rejected.
 * If a feature's development is going slow, we will quickly make a
decision to defer it to Diablo.
 * We will be much tougher in our code reviews.
 * Branches need to land early.  Do not expect exceptions to the "Branch
Merge Proposal Freeze"
 * We will also be instituting new policies that ensure we maintain quality.
 * We will focus on creating a multi-server integrated testing
environment, with external hooks for things we cannot test.

If you have features that you intend to land in Cactus it is extremely
important that you you propose them by the deadline of February 3rd.  It
will be extremely difficult to get an exception this release.

The Cactus release schedule is here:


Rick Clark
Project Lead

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