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Re: Network Service for L2/L3 Network Infrastructure blueprint


John Purrier wrote:
> Here is the suggestion. It is clear from the response on the list that refactoring Nova in the Cactus timeframe will be too risky, particularly as we are focusing Cactus on Stability, Reliability, and Deployability (along with a complete OpenStack API). For Cactus we should leave the network and volume services alone in Nova to minimize destabilizing the code base. In parallel, we can initiate the Network and Volume Service projects in Launchpad and allow the teams that form around these efforts to move in parallel, perhaps seeding their projects from the existing Nova code.
> Once we complete Cactus we can have discussions at the Diablo DS about progress these efforts have made and how best to move forward with Nova integration and determine release targets.

I agree that there is value in starting the proof-of-concept work around
the network services, without sacrificing too many developers to it, so
that a good plan can be presented and discussed at the Diablo Summit.

If volume sounds relatively simple to me, network sounds significantly
more complex (just looking at the code ,network manager code is
currently used both by nova-compute and nova-network to modify the local
networking stack, so it's more than just handing out IP addresses
through an API).


Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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