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Re: Stable and Development Trunks


Just to clear up some issues I've ran into as well...I'm using a
deployment script for my internal testing, which leverages
'ppa:nova-core/trunk' so I can access the latest nova-* packages.  I know
at one time there was 'ppa:nova-core/ppa', and this was considered the
'stable' area for nova-* packages.  This PPA is no longer is use, but
there is a 'ppa:nova-core/release'.  If I'm out doing a demo somewhere, I
should use this PPA?  Is this being kept up-to-date?  Unfortunately
relying on trunk for packages has landed me in some situations where
things just don't work :(  I'm not against pulling stable source, but I
like my three minute script to do all the work for me :D


On 2/10/11 12:19 PM, "Jay Pipes" <jaypipes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I think this may have to do with confusion over what the release
>series on Launchpad are...
>The Bexar series is frozen at this point, and does not get any
>non-critical bug fixes or feature patches that have been going into
>the Cactus (trunk) series, unless a post-bexar-release exception is
>made (none have been yet, AFAIK).
>So, if you pull lp:glance/bexar, you won't see ANY of the commits that
>have been going into trunk since the 3rd of February.
>lp:glance == the latest trunk series (Cactus right now) and contains
>all fixes, features and patches that have been merged since after
>Bexar was released.
>I think it's just the case that you have been using lp:glance thinking
>it is the stable release series. It isn't. lp:glance/bexar is.
>On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Jason Cannavale <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> All,
>> I'm not sure if this has been discussed before at any length, but I
>> like to discuss if it makes sense to have source code in the stable
>> and installable packages built and provided from the rapidly changing
>> development trunk.
>> For some background we've been working through some proof of concept
>> deployments. Because the packages are coming from the development trunk
>> have been bitten repeatedly by having packages updated following code
>> throughout the day. This has resulted in services such as networking no
>> longer functioning. It seems to me, at least, that it would make sense
>> have a set of known working packages, packaged at each release point,
>>in the
>> stable trunk and having the source to build from in the development
>> Thoughts?
>> Jason
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