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Re: Contribute to the PyCon talk on OpenStack!


On Feb 15, 2011, at 12:55 PM, Eric Day wrote:

> I think there is plenty of material on the mailing list/blogs/... to
> create a great talk from if you want to keep it focused on twisted
> vs eventlet vs other options for highly scalable systems (both in
> a technical and social way).

	What I'm looking for is specific examples of cases where we had to overcome scalability issues. Whether we addressed it by changing from one tool to another, or by a particular app design choice, or by... 

	Just making it a comparison of tools ignores the relevance of OpenStack to the talk. The point isn't to discuss twisted or eventlet or whatever; it's to show talk about some of the challenges involved in creating OpenStack to scale to the levels we need.

> hat is where I would start and then
> perhaps start asking for feedback once you have some slides and/or
> talking points.

	I've started down the outline/slide road several times, and keep hitting the same wall: specific examples. I only know a small subset of the code base, and nothing there is particularly relevant. That's why I'm asking for those who were part of solving some of these scaling issues to give me some specifics that I can focus on in the talk.

-- Ed Leafe