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[Nova] 2011.1.1 update


Hello everyone,

At yesterday's meeting we considered additional fixes for inclusion into
the Bexar point release we have to do to care about the missing files
and translations in the Bexar release tarball.

We ended up targeting 3 additional fixes, see complete list here:

One issue with point releases is how do we test them. Most developers
are usually way into the development release so it's usually difficult
to divert them to test a point release (that's one of the reasons why
delegating that task to downstream distributions helps). In order to
minimize the risk, I think we should follow these guidelines:

* limit the number of fixes to the bare minimum
* only select low-regression-risk fixes
* the fix should appear and bake in the development release first
* the bug should contain a reproducible test case to externally validate
that the problem is indeed fixed
* a candidate tarball will be cut before 2011.1.1 formal release to help
with testing

Note that this point release does not set a precedent, 2011.1.1 being a
one-off to care about the missing files in 2011.1. The POC will formally
decide on a point release policy.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack