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Re: Queue Service


On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 01:18:46PM -0800, David Strauss wrote:
> Regardless of whether the system uses AMQP, I am a fan of AMQP's
> flexible routing model. Please don't build a service that lacks fanout
> and other non-1:1 distribution patterns. Non-1:1 routing is useful for
> web cache invalidation and other cluster management.
> If the queue service is only 1:1, we'll still end up running RabbitMQ
> for our own needs.

Agreed, AMQP like routing can be very useful. Initially there will
only be native support for 1:1 and pubsub, but it is trivial to add
more sophisticated routing to 1:1 by writing a worker to pull messages
and reinsert into other specific queues (replication can be done this
way too). Once we have a solid foundation I certainly want to look
at providing this functionality closer into the core for performance
reasons (basically built-in router workers that you can control via
an API). So, yes, but not for version 1. :)