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Re: Review days for nova-core members


Soren Hansen wrote:
> That's really a corollary to this proposal: Being in nova-core means you have
> a review day once every N days (where N is the amount of (human) members of
> nova-core). As such, if you're not prepared to accept such a review day, you
> don't get to be part of the team. Simple.

That would definitely help in getting *all* branches reviewed, and
should be sufficient to clear the backlog.

If the number of branches pending review go above a certain level, maybe
we could switch temporarily to "double mode" where we get two -core
members on review duty every day.

For nova-core as an example, we currently have 18 people in the team, of
which I'd say 9 people are regular reviewers. If we can clean up and add
a few more members (~15) that would mean one review day every three
weeks in normal mode and one every 1.5 week in "double mode". Sounds
like a reasonable commitment.

That said that shouldn't prevent anyone from also reviewing stuff that
they care about any day.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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