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Re: Steps that can help stabilize Nova's trunk


On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 12:19 PM, Trey Morris <trey.morris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't like that it currently only runs on ubuntu + the ppa. If it doesn't
> work with existing versions I think we're doing something wrong. Even when
> natty comes out, I don't like the idea of having to ensure I have latest
> ubuntu for openstack to run.

It runs on the platform that people have spent the time and effort to
integrate into Hudson. This happens to be Ubuntu because that is what
Soren (the person who has spent all that time and effort) is
comfortable with.

I encourage you to set up an integration test for the specific
platform you want to ensure does not break with commits to trunk :)

This could be as simple as doing the following:

* Find Jordan Rinke or another Racker who has access to machines that
can be linked to Hudson
* SSH into the said machine and ensure that the machines have all your
environment's necessary components installed. In your case, Trey, I'll
presume that you want XenServer installed on the compute nodes and
MySQL installed on one of the other machines to act as the main
* Find soren, mtaylor, myself or others on IRC to help install the
Jenkins/Hudson agent on the machines. The Hudson agent will be
responsible for pulling lp:nova and installing all the necessary
pieces on the machines in your test environment
* Place a /etc/nova/nova.conf file on the machines in question that
matches your target environment
* Create a simple functional test script that runs through a basic set
of API requests that exercise the parts of the Nova API that are
critical to you (XenAPI, Glance integration, etc)
* Have Hudson fire said script against the test environment after
starting up Nova on the relevant nodes

So, we're ready to help. But we need help from yourself and others on
your team, as well as good communication with folks like Jordan to
make sure we're all on the same page. Together, we can get this done.

> As far as stability goes, i think integration testing is a great solution.
> Hudson should run integration tests before it allows code into trunk. I also
> think that code should be integration tested before it is reviewed since
> hardware is cheaper than core-devs. "I'll review that once I'm sure it
> works." The only issue I can see with the hudson running integration tests
> is the way the testing environments are set up. There are so many options an
> exhaustive list would just take forever.

We have to start somewhere, and a good "somewhere" would be the
internal Rackspace Cloud Servers setup, since that's clearly a target
platform. ;) Add to that NASA's environment and anyone else's
environment who is willing to spend the time and effort to set up the
test environments.


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