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Re: Steps that can help stabilize Nova's trunk


On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 11:44 PM, Paul Voccio <paul.voccio@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jay,
> Thanks for throwing this out. How would we build this with Hudson? What
> would a "standard deploy" of Nova even look like for integration tests?

I replied with some specifics to Trey, who had a similar question, and
created a bug report (that I subsequently assigned to Trey):


Let me know if that answered your questions and if you'd like some
more explanation.

> We've also bounced the idea within our team of not allowing code commits
> if the code to test ratio decreases but I'm not sure if that would work
> for such a large project like this one.

This is a good idea, but even if we were to add code to test ratios,
the ratio would be mostly (only?) looking at unit tests. And I think
we've seen that unit tests pass and functional tests blow up because
of all the mocks/stubs in the unit tests that don't adequately
represent a real-world deployment.

Nothing wrong, of course, with exploring code to test ratio
(basically, automated code coverage tests), but I think good
functional and integration tests are more productive at this time.

Just my two cents, though, nothing more,


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