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Re: Queue Service, next steps


On 2/17/11 4:21 PM, Eric Day wrote:
Thanks to everyone who gave great feedback on the first queue service
thread. I've updated the wiki page to include the suggestions.


Pondering this, I have a few thoughts:

I'll note that Erlang seems a realistic contender for this implementation.
Things like rabbitMQ and eJabberd handle a lot of traffic (if well configured), and this is the sort of thing erlang was designed for.

Secondly, could we leverage existing opensource codebases to accomplish this? I know AMQP was having issues over WAN links, and likely isn't suited for disconnected operations (I've seen one multitenant hosted queueing service offering AMQP interfaces (StormMQ), but they also offer a a REST interface as well, probably for that reason.), but could we swipe the core of some existing queueing system and adapt it?

Or, before we implement Yet Another Queueing Service, would it be possible to implement this using a REST interface plugin to say, rabbitMQ, using it's 'virtual hosts' for multitenant separation, plus a modest amount of code to arrange for needed zone/locality awareness on the cluster?

I just worry, since reliable queueing is one of those things that is simple in concept, but has an awful lot of nasty details. (That said, I have no objection to re-inventing wheels if a: our new ones fly, or b: the existing ones are square :> )


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