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Re: Queue Service, next steps


Hi Mike,

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 06:02:52PM -0600, Michael Barton wrote:
> Maybe I'm describing a separate project, but a fault tolerant and
> scalable queue would be more interesting to me than something like
> RabbitMQ with a REST interface.  There don't seem to be any reasonable
> open-source implementations of distributed queues, but they're
> available and widely used in $closed_source_clouds.

Perhaps I've been assuming some things, but I thought everyone
understood that is what we are looking to build (fault-tolerant,
horizontally scalable, ...). We're certainly not looking to build
a clustered queue (like RabbitMQ) with a REST API. I know the wiki
page is still brief, but I hope that's one of the key take-aways:


> So.. I don't know, I guess I'd rather have seen a discussion on what
> sort of queue service should be built before stuff like implementation
> language were sussed out.  :)  And that probably has to be informed by
> what people need, which I don't really know how we're supposed to
> analyze.

That is what the first queue service thread was about earlier this
week. What properties and features are important, what should the API
look like, and so on. Feedback still very much appreciated on this. :)

I realize a lot of this discussion is still difficult since folks have
different expectations and ideas on what a queue service should look
like. The sooner we can have some code for people to kick around,
the better, hence the discussion around implementation language to
get something going.


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