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Re: Review days for nova-core members


Andy Smith wrote:
> I have some anecdotal evidence to add to this from my time at Google:
> (1) At Google in all reality you spent at least 2 days a week pretty
> much only participating in code review and mailing list responses. This
> is due to a couple things, but mostly because code review is taken
> extremely seriously, the reviewer of the code has as much responsibility
> for what lands as the person writing the code, their name (or names) go
> in change commit. If that code creates a problem it is up to all people
> involved in that process to quickly come up with a resolution.
> That responsibility leads to some other great things:
>  * Lessening of self-defensiveness / personal investment in code: the
> code is not yours, it is multiple people's.
>  * You also always have at least one "buddy" who can back up the
> decisions that were made, if you are not around to argue a point that
> person probably can, and no attacks can ever be leveled at you personally.

We should definitely add the nova-core reviewers LPids to the commit
message, in order to encourage that spirit. Something like:

[r=soren,termie] Rest of commit message...

> (2) At Google you generally have to give explicit targets for who should
> be your code reviewer. This prevents some tragedy of the commons
> behaviors (when there is nobody assigned everybody expects somebody else
> to do it).
> This also leads to people who are defacto (or explicit) leaders for
> certain sections of code. For example, when fixing a bug on a section of
> code you are not usually working in it is common to ask around on IRC
> (or just the office) to find out who knows most about that area and
> should do the review.

This can easily be done by specifying reviewers when you do the branch
merge proposal.

> (3) At Google one of the first things that new developers do is read
> through a couple nicely written documents on how to conduct code
> reviews, what your responsibilities are when doing code review, and some
> ways to make sure your tone comes off constructively.
> This keeps everybody on most of the same page and helps acclimatize
> people to social interaction related to coding.

+1 on reference docs :)

> I think adopting these behaviors would be in our best interest as a
> project, if that sounds good I am willing to take the time to generate
> the initial draft of the document and get the appropriate configurations
> / code updated to support tracking reviewers and requiring explicit
> reviewers.

For (1), ideally Tarmac would support rewriting the commit message in
transit to include those names... (2) is already doable with our current
toolset. For (3), just let us know when the wiki draft is up so that we
can participate in improving it.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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