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Re: Novatools ...


Thanks Eric,

I agree. It would be great to do 'bzr branch lp:nova' and have all the client tools we need. Especially given the fact that the client tools are now required by the system itself. I suspect it will also be needed for integration testing. This also prevents more PPA administration.

Is there a concern that if I want to simply deploy the client tools on a non-server, I have to get the full branch? Or did I miss a subtle point in there?


From: Eric Day [eday@xxxxxxxxxxxx]

In regards to openstack tools, we certainly have some options. We
could do everything from one big package with all tools for all
languages/services to one project for each language/service (and all
permutations in between). IMHO, I think it makes the most sense to
keep the client tools for all (or at least a few primary) languages
directly in the service project, so Nova would have clients/python,
clients/ruby, etc. This makes it easier to reuse those packages within
the service (like you need to do for cross-zone communication). Folks
can always start new projects for interfacing with the service
(other languages, more abstractions, ...), but some core tools will be
provided in the main project. Note that this is for the code rep. When
tools are actually packaged up for distribution, they can appear as
different packages (for example, python-nova-tools, python-nova-server,
...) so you don't need to install everything to get just the tools.
I can see great arguments for other layouts too, but in the past I've
found this really helps to keep things in sync.

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