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Re: Novatools ...


Hi Sandy,

This depends on how you deploy client tools. From a package
repo/PPA/PyPi, you can install standalone (this is a packaging
concern). If you want to deploy trunk's version, you'd pull lp:nova
and install just clients/python (or something like that).

I want to make sure folks decouple packing/deployment from where the
code lives. Just because it's all in the same code repo doesn't mean
it's an all-or-nothing install for the end-user.


On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 06:13:41PM +0000, Sandy Walsh wrote:
>    Thanks Eric, 
>    I agree. It would be great to do 'bzr branch lp:nova' and have all the
>    client tools we need. Especially given the fact that the client tools are
>    now required by the system itself. I suspect it will also be needed for
>    integration testing. This also prevents more PPA administration. 
>    Is there a concern that if I want to simply deploy the client tools on a
>    non-server, I have to get the full branch? Or did I miss a subtle point in
>    there?
>    -S
>      From: Eric Day [eday@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
>      In regards to openstack tools, we certainly have some options. We
>      could do everything from one big package with all tools for all
>      languages/services to one project for each language/service (and all
>      permutations in between). IMHO, I think it makes the most sense to
>      keep the client tools for all (or at least a few primary) languages
>      directly in the service project, so Nova would have clients/python,
>      clients/ruby, etc. This makes it easier to reuse those packages within
>      the service (like you need to do for cross-zone communication). Folks
>      can always start new projects for interfacing with the service
>      (other languages, more abstractions, ...), but some core tools will be
>      provided in the main project. Note that this is for the code rep. When
>      tools are actually packaged up for distribution, they can appear as
>      different packages (for example, python-nova-tools, python-nova-server,
>      ...) so you don't need to install everything to get just the tools.
>      I can see great arguments for other layouts too, but in the past I've
>      found this really helps to keep things in sync.
>      -Eric