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Re: Should the OpenStack API re-use the EC2 credentials?


On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Mark Washenberger
<mark.washenberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This is what we're working on, and what Justin is proposing, Mark.
>> Basically, in Drizzle-land, people propose a merge into trunk, Hudson
>> picks up that proposal, pulls the brnach into lp:drizzle/staging,
>> builds Drizzle on all supported platforms (>12 OS/distro combos), then
>> runs all automated regression testing against the proposed branch (can
>> take 3 or more hours).
>> We're proposing the same kind of automation for OpenStack.
> Sorry, I misunderstood what Justin was proposing. This sounds good to me.
> We could also do this without a staging branch by having the automated system check out trunk and merge the proposed branch locally.

Sure, this is, of course, quite possible, too :)

One thing that a staging-first branch allows, though, is to set up an
environment where some *very* minor or style-only type commits can be
fed into trunk directly without having to got through the full testing


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