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Re: Novatools ...


OK, let's try to summarize this long thread. there are two sides, the
long-term plan and the short-term plan.

For the long-term plan, there seems to be agreement on:

* a set of project-oriented client tools ("nova", "glance"...) that
allow xe-like commands ("nova vm-create")
* a superset tool that reflects commands into the project-oriented tools
("openstack compute vm-create")
* support for interactive shell mode (nova> show instances)
* lowercase names

That's for Diablo and should be further refined at the design summit.

For the short term, we need some openstack-api client tool released and
packaged, in particular because it is being used in the zones test, but
also to start promoting the openstack API.

* python-cloudservers is not under our control, so not easily extended
* We have a python-novatools fork currently using "novatools" as the CLI
* Sandy proposes
  * rename "novatools" CLI to "nova"
  * Add copyright headers and dual BSD/Apache licensing
  * Push python-novatools in nova itself under nova/clients/python/oscompute
* Objections from Andy on the need to fork python-cloudservers and the
perceived non-responsiveness of JKM

I think we didn't discuss this part enough to make such a definitive
move. I'll add a separate reply with my own remarks.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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