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Working on fixing code after a review? Please mark merge proposal Work In Progress!


Hey all,

The backlog on code reviews continues to mount:

One thing that would REALLY help reviewers is the following:

If you receive one or more reviews that have asked for fixes to your
branch (Needs Fixing), and you agree to these fixes, please do the

* Write a quick comment on the merge proposal acknowledging the review
and stating you are working on fixing the branch
* Set the merge proposal status to Work In Progress

When you do this, your branch gets removed from the list of merge
proposals that reviewers need to review (the link above), which helps
reviewers to identify which branches are truly in need of review and
which branches are actually being worked on after reviews.

After you make the changes to your branch, please do the following:

* bzr push your changes to Launchpad
* Go to your merge proposal and set the status back to Needs Review

This will trigger:

* Launchpad to regenerate the diff that is displayed for your branch
* Launchpad to email all prior reviewers to let them know they need to
re-review your branch

Doing these simple steps will make reviewing dramatically easier; the
side-effect of that is reviews will be quicker and we can get through
this backlog.

Thanks for listening,

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