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Re: Working on fixing code after a review? Please mark merge proposal Work In Progress!


Jay Pipes wrote:
> * Set the merge proposal status to Work In Progress


As we should expect as a result of this policy more back-and-forth
between statuses, I'll fix http://wiki.openstack.org/releasestatus/ so
that it no longer reports as an oddity a blueprint in "Needs code
review" status which has a branch merge proposal in "Work in progress"

> When you do this, your branch gets removed from the list of merge
> proposals that reviewers need to review (the link above), which helps
> reviewers to identify which branches are truly in need of review and
> which branches are actually being worked on after reviews.

The other part of this is when Tarmac fails to merge a branch, it sets
it back to "Needs Review" with a helpful message. In 90% of the cases
it's up for the proposer to fix what is reported (test failure, PEP8,
conflict, author missing from CLA...), so those also end up overloading
the "truly in need of review" view.

I'll look into it and connect with the Jenkins masters to fix it.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack