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Re: GLANCE: How to deal with SQLAlchemy-migrate problems


1.a.) Not yet, but our branch unit tests (when we get there) will certainly test the architecture-related columns we added to instances, instance_types, and compute_node tables.  

1.b) Is that a unit test responsibility or an integration test farm with different "typical" configurations that gets built, deployed, populated, and tested?  Agree it should happen before a branch gets merged.

2) They were pretty simple changes, so I just replicated from a previous python script examples in migrate_repo/versions.  

The point I was making that I did what anybody in a hurry will do, crib from the previous example.  I just added downgrade() because the example I followed didn't do that.  We can be propagating bad habits.  Realize, this is Nova, not Glance, so sorry if off topic.

Brian Schott

On Mar 21, 2011, at 3:35 PM, Jay Pipes wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> 1) Did you do unit tests on your migration scripts? Did you use
> SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL?
> 2) Did you use SQL scripts, not Python change scripts?
> -jay

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