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Feature Freeze status


Hi everyone,

We have had quite a few branches that filed for feature freeze
exceptions, and the following have been granted an exception for late
merging until Tuesday EOD, so they need your attention:


As a sidenote, some of those branches are cool and self-contained
features that are relatively-safe for the release. So they were accepted
as far as the FFe is concerned, despite not having blueprints and being

I'd like to say that I dislike this type of "behind closed doors"
development, where things are developed without a blueprint, bug or
linked branch and then thrown very late into the review queue.

We do an open source project and we promised "open development". That
includes doing development in the open, and that's why we use blueprints
to track stuff under development, so that anyone can look, learn about
it and comment. Looking at what happened in cactus I can see that some
people are not happy with these idea[l]s... Should we discuss this at
some point during the design summit ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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