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Re: Feature Freeze status


2011/3/28 Thierry Carrez <thierry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'd like to say that I dislike this type of "behind closed doors"
> development, where things are developed without a blueprint, bug or
> linked branch and then thrown very late into the review queue.

I'd appreciate a discussion about this at the summit, too. Just to
register my opinion ahead of time: Were it from "outside" people (i.e.
not one of our "regulars"), I'd have less of a problem with this. It's
hard to keep a straight face while telling people that they need to
follow this or that process when we can't even manage to do so
ourselves. We should be leading by example.

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Developer    http://www.ubuntu.com/
OpenStack Developer http://www.openstack.org/