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OpenStack Governance Voting Update


OpenStack Community:

We are moving right along with the elections for the following positions:
Project Team Lead Glance, Project Team Lead Nova, and Project Team Lead
Swift, and 2 Project Policy Board members. All voting links went out last
week and I wanted to remind everyone to take a moment and vote. Here is the
latest on voting statistics:

Project Team Lead Glance ­ 6 Eligible Voters ; 4 Voters Complete; 2 Voters
to vote
Project Team Lead Swift ­ 26 Eligible Voters; 16 Voters Complete; 10 Voters
to vote
Project Team Lead Nova ­ 71 Eligible Voters; 40 Voters Complete. 31 Voters
to vote
Project Policy Board (2 Seats) - 134 Eligible Voters**; 70 Voters Complete;
64 Voters to vote

** All OpenStack launchpad registered users are eligible to vote in the
Project Policy Board election; however to properly secure the voting system
I am required to directly send an email with a unique voting id, thus I need
an email address. If you would like to vote in this election and have not
received a voting link please contact me before Friday April 1 at 11:59pm
If you have any questions on this election please contact me. Thanks again
for supporting the OpenStack community and taking the time to vote!

- - - 
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