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OpenStack Design Summit - Fall 2011 Location Request



I have started early planning on the next OpenStack Design Summit in early
October 2011 this year and would like to get some feedback on location
options. The current thinking is to just host a Design Summit event for 3
days without the associated Conference portion that we are doing next month
in Santa Clara. It is my intention to take this idea to the broader
community in the coming weeks but I need to gather some data from the
developers before I can put together a final proposal to the community,

Location ­ My goal is to host the 3-day event in a gateway city so attendees
from Asia, Europe, and the US can easily fly directly to this destination.
This leads me to look at cities like New York, Chicago, London, Paris,
Seoul, etc except these locations tend to be expensive for hotels and
facilities. Other global cities such as Houston, Amsterdam, Frankfort,
Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas are cheaper locations for the event. Thus, I am
looking to see what locations are of interest to the developers; also
remember weather in October as a factor.

Host ­ Having an event at a hotel is more expensive then finding a corporate
facility, university setting, or even co-locate with a conference. I am open
to any ideas you have about interesting facilities or events to co-locate
with as I want to ensure that we not only accomplish our goal of setting the
project's direction for the future releases but also provide an excellent
environment with top notch facilities.

Feel free to provide your thoughts directly to myself via email or respond
to this email should you wish a broader conversation. Thanks.
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