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Re: Feature Freeze status


> Rubbish. Open development means knowing the general directions and
> specifications that people are working on by open discussions, open
> blueprints/specs, and active communication between teams. I can go to
> github and see how many people "forked this" (ugh.). That doesn't give
> me any clue as to what people are attempting to do with the code in
> the long term.

I am not the biggest fan of LP, but the 'recent commits' feature on LP is
awesome.  If I want to know what people are really working on, I just look
at the most recent commits:

Cerberus is working on something cool involving notifications, presumably
the first step in addressing the issue that we're almost entirely
The titan team is fixing the date/time parsing bug with glance images
The titan team is working on support for changing passwords
ZulCss is working on LXC support
The USC team is working on HPC stuff on hardware that's unfairly cool
Termie's working on libvirt-snapshot support
Termie's clarifying the docstring rules


That gives me a much better feel for the pulse of the project than anything
else - the blueprints feel like reading a printed newspaper - full of
yesterday's news.  It doesn't answer why, but we should probably make a
bigger push on the blueprints to make sure they always answer the "why"