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Re: Feature Freeze status


Ewan Mellor wrote:
> I don't agree.  Unplanned features aren't an extra gift -- they're extra work for everyone.
> Thierry is trying to stabilize a release and get it out on time.  He can't do that if people come along saying "here's an extra gift that you now need to give time to review".  We're already short on resources, and Thierry needs to prioritize based on the capacity that we collectively have.  For example, Citrix has bumped a number of features to Diablo, because it was clear that we wouldn't get everything reviewed and merged and stabilized in time unless we deferred low priority work.  Unplanned features just put all that in jeopardy.

Exactly :) I wouldn't have explained it better.

My main gripe with it is not really that it will result in a less tested
and less stable release. If there is sufficient PTL/nova-core support
for more features / less stability, I don't have the legitimacy to
oppose that. My main gripe is that it's *unfair*: groups using
self-discipline and deferring features for the greater good find
themselves screwed by those who don't. And I have sufficient experience
in open source communities to know that unfair communities die a slow,
painful and certain death.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack