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[Nova] Bugs needing attention


Hi everyone,

The late feature branches are finally all in, so we can really switch to
bugfixing now, and try to fix as many of the ~80 confirmed bugs we have
in Nova as we can.

In "push priorities in front of eyeballs" spirit, here is a list of 5
complex bugs that need some assignee *now* if we want to fix them in
time for release:

"python setup.py install" actually does not install a lot stuff...

nova-compute: can't spawn new instances after restarting RabbitMQ

Insufficient resources (memory) causes instance to pending state forever

No size restrictions in place for Images and Kernels

Sporadic failure when creating XS vms from machine-images

Some of those might be too complex to fix in the remaining time, in
which case I'd appreciate some comment on the bug, and we'll publish it
as a known Cactus issue.

Thanks to Justin for assigning himself to two of my last list, I hope
that we'll have takers for all of the current list !

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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